I am a machine learning researcher with a strong focus on developing AI solutions for real-life problems. I'm interested in sequence models, particularly their applications in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and time series forecasting. Currently, I'm in final stage of my PhD at Heriot-Watt University where I have been dedicated to creating AI tools tailored specifically for the UK Energy sector.

In addition to my work in energy, my research pursuits extend to multidisciplinary areas, encompassing machine learning techniques applied in the railway industry, hydrology and flood reduction, civil engineering systems, medical diagnosis, and now, also extending into the realm of MLOps.

Recognizing the importance of deploying and managing machine learning models effectively in production, I have recently delved into the field of MLOps. By incorporating MLOps practices into my research, I aim to bridge the gap between research and practical application, ensuring that AI solutions can be effectively integrated into real-world scenarios. With my recent foray into MLOps, I am committed to not only developing cutting-edge AI solutions but also ensuring their seamless integration and operational efficiency in practical settings.